June 17 Construction Update

The weather is getting warmer and along with the sunshine comes dreams of the new library and grand opening day–August 24! The staff are getting ready for the big move to the new building. Right now, our IT Department is taking computers into the new library and getting them ready for use. They have over 100 public computers to prepare, along with the dozens of staff computers behind the scenes. It’s not a quick or easy job but we have a great team and they are working hard every day so we can jump right into work and be ready for opening.

Along with computers, we are seeing the arrival of furniture throughout the second floor. We have desks and computer tables set up and wired for power. Soon we will see trucks coming with our shelving–enough to hold the approximately 225,000 volumes that will fill the library!

Remember to mark your calendar for Grand Opening on Saturday, August 24 at 10:00 am. We’ll start with a party in Greene Square, then move on to a community-wide ribbon cutting. We’ll bring the scissors!


2 thoughts on “June 17 Construction Update

  1. It looks amazing! Our kids really miss the downtown library since the flood and are really excited to visit our newest library!

  2. I am very excited to see all the wonderful progress on the new library. I really love the idea of a living roof!

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