Changes at the Cedar Rapids Public Library add to Customer Friendly Focus

Changes happening at the Cedar Rapids Public Library throughout the past several months have all been centered around the same goal: making our library as customer-friendly as possible. One way in which this has happened is the replacement of the large circulation desk with two smaller service points. A primary tool for making our service better is to have our staff out and available for assisting customers with finding books/cds/dvds, answering reference questions, and providing general assistance.

Another tool we are incorporating into our space is the use of a more retail style display. Our “power wall” is a permanent display which will hold a variety of non-fiction subjects for our customers to easily browse. Instead of spine-out displays as is typical in the library world, this display will feature the book covers. Categories will include areas of interest such as gardening, fitness, and home improvement.

Power Wall Power Wall Closeup












Additional changes continue behind the scenes of the Library, including the implementation of an automated sorting system. This system will allow staff to spend less time checking items in, sorting them into categories, and more time out on the Library floor working with customers or planning programs. Look for this to be up and running this month.


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