QuickFlicks Machines give quick access to the hottest DVDs, CDs and Video Games

The Cedar Rapids Public Library West (located in Westdale Mall) has been using two QuickFlicks machines since June of this year. QuickFlicks is a self-service robotic media station for DVDs, CDs andvideo games. This endeavor to find technology to make the library more efficient, as well as provide people with quicker access to the newest titles, has paid off. Library users are seeing the advantages these QuickFlicks machines have to offer.

QuickFlicks allows patrons to check out DVDs, CDs and video games faster, increases the speed at which these items are available, and provides another level of security for costly media materials. The service also reduces the amount of staff time required to handle DVDs and CDs, which can be quite time consuming.

The rule to remember is 3-3-3! 3 items, 3 hours, 3 days! Patrons will be able to reserve up to 3 QuickFlicks items using either one of the Library’s dedicated computers or from the Library web site (http://quickflicks.crlibrary.org). They will have 3 hours from the time of the reservation to pick up the items. Once a reservation has been made, the patron simply scans their library card (or enters their library card number) into the QuickFlicks machine and their items will dispense. The items will be due in 3 days. Items must be returned to the QuickFlicks unit at the CRPL West.

More and more titles are added each day! I encourage you to explore the selection and see for yourself.


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