What matters to you

The world is full of different people. Each of us have things that are priorities in our lives, and they are as varied as we are. This is true when you think of what a library means to you, too.

A library is a very personal thing to a lot of people. It is where we go to get our books, cd’s, dvd’s; where we take computer classes or get online; it’s where we meet our neighbors and read to our children. What each of us need or want from our library is different, and we would love to hear what matters to you. Share with us the thing you are most hoping for in the new library. Tell us what you’ve been missing the most since June 13, 2008.

While we recognize the library can’t be everything to everyone, we also believe that the best libraries are reflections of their communities. Help us gather knowledge in our quest to make this library the best library for this community.


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