Time Capsule Removed and Contents Shared

Time Capsule Contents

Time Capsule Contents


The Time Capsule at the 1985 Library was opened today at 10:00 a.m. in front of a few spectators and several members of the media. Ron Hochstetler was the man who buried the time capsule originally and he was  instrumental in the removal process. He and his son and granddaughter dug the capsule up. Unfortunately, the cement box which held the contents was extremely brittle and broke while the capsule was still in the ground. The lid was removed and contents were taken out by hand.

The items inside were double-bagged, but moisture obviously seeped in at some point, most likely during the flood of 2008. Items were moist, moldy, but overall salvageable. The contents consisted mostly of papers–pamphlets and programs from local nonprofit groups, letters from library supporters, Friends of the CRPL Newsletters, a few postcards of the city, a history book on the city of Cedar Rapids, and various newspaper clippings.

Items that are especially important and interesting will be placed in the next time capsule, which will be placed in the ground at the new Library when it is built. Thanks to everyone who came and showed an interest in this fun look at history, and special thanks to Hochstetler Towing & Automotive for their generosity and assistance.


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